July Family|Des Moines Photographer

As a Des Moines Photographer, it is a treat and a welcome to have a weekend off. We always love visiting the family farm. I especially love the rolling Iowa hills in the summer time. No photo can do the scenery justice. The kids always love making pancakes and we probably ate way too many. Also got to see all the farm cats & kittens. I got a picture of a really cute one, before he ran off. We also got a chance to hike pikes peek twice and it was so beautiful! For awhile lately I have had a hard time taking personal photos. It just felt hard. Most of the time I take photos for other people and it is easy to feel more like work, or a want to put it away. Although, I see my kids growing so quickly, these are the times that I want to remember and keep with me. I am trying to make more of an effort to try to capture family things, even if its with the phone.

Photos are a mix of iphone and the big camera.


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